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Domains Check Tool

Domain Name

Here you can check the availability of any domain name you want for your Web Site. Usually Low Cost Web Agency Ltd. buy the domain on your behalf and you remain the sole owner of your domain. However if you want you can decide to buy your domain by yourself and we will indicate you how to point your domain to your new Low Cost web site. Please take into consideration that a domain name is included in each of our Web Site Design proposals so if you want to benefit from this offer, just check the availability of your domain name. Once you find a domain name available, let us know which is and we will buy it for you. All the domain names we buy for our customers are the exclusive property of our customers. Even if you decide to close our relationship, the domain and associated site remains your property always.



Step1 Enter a domain name
Step2 Select categories




  • Shorter the better - Domain name must be easy to remember and type
  • Meaningful - A name that relates to your site and products
  • Clear - Not dual meaning and clear to pronounce
  • Search Engines - Consider using one or two keywords you want to target
  • Opt for a .com and/or your Country Tld's. Ad example, if is already taken, then don't buy

If you want to learn more about Domain name you can consult Wikipedia. If you need any free advices to select the right domain name for your business Contact us.

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