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Low Cost Web Agency Ltd. is a web agency founded in 2006 by a French couple, then living in Italy as expats. Quickly realizing that the cost structure in Europe and the IT labor shortage would prevent them from continuing to offer customers "low prices" for the delivery of quality web services, they decided to move their company to India.

Low Cost Concept becomes an Indian registered company by name of Low Cost Web Agency Pvt. Ltd, officially in Pondicherry as a Limited Company.

New offices were found and the team was formed. Low Cost Web Agency started to offer jobs with salaries twice as high as the market in order to attract the best candidates across India. The choice of local and main office locations was important, and in spite of being low cost, Low Cost Web Agency did not skimp, selecting an office overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern India.

Low Cost Web Agency’s structural costs are 10 times lower than for European and American Web Agencies.

This gives Low Cost Web Agency the opportunity to offer competitive prices while increasing the quality of website production thanks to highly skilled profiles from the field of programming and website design.

Low Cost Web Agency has, in fact, done nothing other than following the example of big names in the IT industry, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon, who have already relocated their main production centers to southern India several years ago. You've probably heard of Bangalore and its 200 million IT experts having become the new "Silicon Valley".

Courage and lucidity were the engine of this adventure, already amply rewarding for Caroline and Alexandre, the founders, and the move enabled them to attract new customers from around the world with their extremely low prices. Their idea: Build a quality website, even if your budget is limited.

Low cost websites created by our agency are not basic low cost versions of high level websites. Our websites are identical to those conceptualized and built in Europe, the United States, and Australia, but at a fraction of the price.

There is no difference except the price

The levels of ethics and transparency, with which Alexandre and Caroline manage their clients make them outstanding among most web agencies. They provide clear pricing without subscriptions and without surprises. 

Word of mouth spreads fast, and success has not been long in coming. The range of services offered by Low Cost Web Agency includes everything an entrepreneur needs to get high payback from a web channel.


What is a low cost website?

Is it possible to get quality at low cost prices?

Easyjet and Ryanair are low cost airlines, and thus far neither of them has fallen out of the sky. When these low cost companies emerged, many were concerned about air fares being as inexpensive as theirs. A flight from Paris to Madrid at €24 while conventional companies charge more than €500 – Why, it must be possible only because they neglect quality assurance and aircraft maintenance, people said back then. But that wasn't the case. They had new aircrafts and impeccable maintenance. Without this level of quality, not only would these low-cost aircraft not even be permitted to fly in European airspace, but a number of accidents would have happened by now.


So, how is it possible to offer quality at a low cost price?

We never charge a licensing or subscription fee. No annual or multi-year contracts.
Clients stay with and like Low Cost Web Agency, as they are more than satisfied with the services we provide. They are well aware that no other web agency can offer these price levels for the same level of competence and quality coupled with a transparent and ethical approach. We establish real win-win relationships with our customers.

First, profit targets of low cost web agencies are much lower than those of traditional web agencies. Low Cost Web Agency does not seek to maximize profits in the short term. Low cost market positioning must be coupled with perfect quality. Our Low Cost Web Agency invests in long-term and sustainable relationships with its customers. A one-time acquaintance is not suitable for this type of service. Each company needs a competitive and reliable Multimedia Web Agency to support its growth and communication plan in the long term. This is why we are convinced that only a lasting, transparent, and honest relationship with our customers allows us to provide a true long-term partnership.

No Subscription, No multi-year Contract

Relationships based on quality web services at low prices allow you to generate a fast return on investment (ROI), so you will be able to reinvest in web services with our Low Cost Web Agency.

Low cost websites do not necessarily mean low quality websites. Low Cost Web Agency provides savings on important projects of several thousand pounds. If, for example, you are looking for a website with advanced features, a Web agency in the UK may charge £20,000. With Low Cost Web Agency, the same service will cost you less than £5,000.

You’ve got it. Not choosing a low cost web agency, not choosing THE original Low Cost Web Agency,, is equivalent to throwing your money away.

I'm sure you wouldn’t mind some extra EBIT in your next fiscal year. Buying low cost web services allows you to produce significant recurrent savings for your company. IT and web marketing savings impact directly and positively on the performance of your company. The time and resources needed to implement a savings plan for your IT services expenses are negligible compared to the high results achieved.

Optimizing your IT purchases is an easy way to leverage your savings. Low Cost Web Agency is expert in optimizing Web design costs structures.

If you want a sustainable partnership and a successful relationship, it is necessary for the relationship to be a win for both parties.

Without this, it is doomed to fail. For this reason, and because ethics and morals are part of our genetic blueprint, we never overbill our customers, although this is common practice with many other web agencies. We do not take our customers hostage as many agencies who work with subscriptions and retain their customers by telling them that if they want to stop paying the subscription they will simply lose their websites.


With Low Cost Web Agency, your domain and your website belong to you.

At any time, you are free to transfer your website and domain with all functionalities to any new partner. We graciously assist you in this process if you wish. Our customers are satisfied and remain with us, so it is highly unlikely that you will use this option. You will understand that we go far beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship. We strive to create a sustainable and pleasant cooperation. For example, you need help, perhaps some advice about linking to the Internet and your website. We are always here to assist you. We take the time to respond. We know that this level of customer service is not only part of our DNA, it will also bring us new opportunities, thanks to our happy customers.

Our customers are happy to receive web services at low cost prices.

If you meet a customer of our low cost web agency during a dinner someday, and you ask him to tell you about us, he will tell you how happy he is to work with an agency located at the other end of the world that gives him a level of attention and detail that he would never hope to find in the UK, because web agencies from developed countries are limited by the crisis, taxes and gloom. They focus on short-term earnings. Sometimes the price seems right, but the quality of the web service is sloppy or overcharged with unnecessary features and web services.

I still remember the customer that told us that his former agency asked him to pay €150 to add an unplanned page or another client who was still disgusted to have to pay €200 in order to change a comma or a photo on a page of his website. I am not going to name those web agencies and hosting companies, but everyone knows who, thanks to constant advertising on TV and the Web that makes you believe that you can have a professional website for £10 a month, only to provide you no more than automatic software with very limited possibilities. Thus starts the nightmare of getting your website built using this automatic website creation software, and when all is said and done, you will find that you simply can’t build a professional site with this kind of software. All websites created with these tools are similar and share the same mediocrity. Ask yourself why these companies invest so much in advertising to convince unskilled customers. If you had to create your site through their pseudo-automatic software, it would be far from a win-win partnership, a moral or ethical relationship! After spending hours, weeks, even months trying to understand their software and trying to put together your website, you realize that it will be impossible to create the sharp-looking, professional website you expected.

But by now, it's too late, because if you decide to leave, you will lose your website and all the hours you’ve spent on it. It is also impossible to migrate this type of low cost web site to a new low cost agency. It is against their terms and conditions. So most customers of these web agencies who are not true web agencies, are completely disappointed. They no longer have the courage to start a new web project with a new web agency. They prefer to keep paying these pseudo low cost web agencies for years, leaving their amateur website in a stagnant, incomplete state. This is why it is a very profitable business for these false web agencies. They spend so much money on advertising, so they can drive in customers who become captives with a simple registration to the lure - "Get your site for free". Their marketing is misleading, their terms and conditions so complicated for a lay person that the number of people who have been cheated is staggering.

Look for one person around you who is satisfied by this type of service. There is no one! One search on Google, and you will quickly find thousands of angry customers who complain. Many of our customers have gone through this type of web agency. They must recover confidence & trust with us and start from scratch.
Other professions are known to have a percentage of dishonest people within them - mechanics, plumbers, locksmiths... and yet they are all noble and necessary professions. Due to those questionable practices, the entire industry suffers. The same thing happens with web agencies, whether these are cheap web agencies or not.

Low Cost Web Agency Pvt. Ltd., your Low cost web agency, refuses to use such practices. This is also why our low cost web agency is as successful as it is.

The headquarters and production facilities of low cost web agencies must necessarily be located in a country with limited or no taxation. Low Cost Web Agency has chosen to locate its headquarters in India, as taxation and labor costs are much cheaper than in the UK or in Europe. This allows us to have the same structure as a London web agency, but with operating costs up to ten times lower.

It is true that you can find low prices for website building in the UK, but be careful, as frequently you will not be dealing with a web agency, but rather with a simple, cheap webmaster.

Web services carried out by a freelancer cannot be compared to what a web agency offers.

Working with our web agency, Low Cost Web Agency, the original one, you are guaranteed to be dealing with a European team located in India, highly qualified, that cares for your web project while giving you the benefit of a very LOW COST WEBSITE and an irreproachable quality of execution.


You like Low Cost Web Agency and you are careful to get the best value for your money. You like Low Cost and Quality Website. Tell the world about us sharing this page with your friends on your Social Media accounts. Low Cost Web Agency is the best Web Agency Worldwide delivering top Quality and Professional Web site for very small rates. We provide you the best rates ever seen thanks to our location in India. Our Fixed cost are up to 10 times less compared to any other Professional European or American Web Agency. Save on your Web Design and SEO projects using the cheapest Web Agency around the world. You will not find a better price for this level of quality. However if you find a better price for Website Design and SEO Services, just told us and we will give you back the difference.

Low Cost Web Agency Ltd. is an Italo-French Web Agency Located in India - Meet the Low Cost Web Agency Team - Why will you prefer Low Cost Web Agency? - Each Low Cost Web site delivered are unique and customized according your needs - Why Low Cost Web Agency is different from other Low Cost Web Agencies

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