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Who We Are Low Cost Web


Internet marketing and image building is integral to survive in today’s world. Popularity is fast achieved and recognition is quickly gained via the internet and social media to be specific. A lot of people have gone viral with their activities via the social media and gained fan following, hence for companies, stars, celebrities or individuals who seek to be well renowned and have a good fan following, social media and online publicity is extremely important.

Entrepreneurs who do not have their IMAGE online or companies which do not exploit the internet for marketing and sales are bound to remain far behind in the fast paced and commercialized world. Having said that, it still is not enough to have a social media page or a social medi account.

You need to be popular, and well accepted. This is where we come in with our services, with our experience and with our skills. Low Cost Concept manages your image, activities, fan following and all other things on the internet.

We take responsibility for getting you the popularity, the recognition, the fan following and the support that is integral for your image building and your name. We garner a spirit of trust and perfection which gets associated with your name. We add the missing links to your image and personality, to your companies name and brand and we are the best possible way to become popular in the world.

Our services are related to SEO management, helping you get high up the rankings, getting you noticed whenever a relevant search is made and helping you get the advertisements as well. We also help in developing your own personalized website which remains on top of charts and search engines, has a attractive and appealing outlook and is constantly in action.

Our services are coherent with the latest technology and innovation and we lead the market in this regard. With our effective and speedy service, your image and name are bound to get a real boost and it’s a win-win situation for you. Earning more and increasing revenues become a real possibility with the help of what we offer to you.


Alexandre is a highly accomplished business professional who is known for his multi-cultural knowledge, impressive work ethic, and his unique ability to think outside the box. Originally born in Chile to French parents, Alex has traveled all over the world living in Venezuela, France, Spain and Italy. He is currently residing in India, utilizing his vast knowledge of global business practices and experience within multinational companies in a variety of niches like ICT, Food, and Pharmacy.

Fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, and English, Alex is able to seamlessly work worldwide with a variety of clients, suppliers, and partners from multiple industries. He is known for his excellent communication and management skills and his ability to be a strong team player as well as a visionary leader. Well educated at the esteemed Bordeaux Management School and Bordeaux University, where he earned a Master's of Science in Laws and Economics and an MBA, Alex brings a wealth of knowledge to his work experience including an aptitude for networking, marketing, production, human resources, and supply chain and finance management.

He has a deep understanding of overseeing business growth using the Internet and new technologies and currently owns several successful websites. This was a natural progression for Alex, who got his first computer for Christmas at age 12, an Apple IIC with a 3.25 floppy disc drive. This was the catalyst for his interest in technology, a passion that grew until he was managing and developing his own web company first in Italy and then in India.

Today, is among the web agencies with the fastest growth in the market. LowCostConcept provides its customers with the best rates ever seen in the market associated with high quality standards due to its location in India and top skilled developers, graphic designers, and web marketers. For almost 20 years, Alex has served as a Purchasing Director for multiple large Multinational involved in multi-million and highly strategic projects. The purchasing function gives him the opportunity through its suppliers and partners portfolios to develop a deep understanding of several traditional and innovative business models serving hundreds of economic sectors.

All of these experiences have contributed to the professional he is today, someone who has grown tremendously throughout the years and who is well liked and respected by his peers. People who have worked with Alex have said that his professional skills "are one of his strengths," and that he encourages a "win/win" relationship with his clients that benefit them and his company. Colleagues have also mentioned his resilience as one of his best traits, saying he "has the outstanding skill to develop and implement winning purchasing strategies even in challenging time." Others mentioned his integrity, tenacity, and his results driven personality.

If you feel like you could benefit from working with someone who has these characteristics, skills, and experience, please contact Alex today to see how his vast knowledge of business and technology can help your project to succeed today.


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